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about us, how it all started in 1780....


Built around 1780 we understand it was the shooting lodge of the Suie estate and was used as a residence until the Auchlyne estate bought the whole of ‘Suie’ in 1942 and merged to become Auchlyne and Suie Estate.  The above image is from the original sale document from 1942 in which Suie was described as ‘The famous sporting and fishing estate of Suie’ and also consisted of the Luib hotel, 2 farms and around 11,000 acres of land.

Prior to this the whole of the estate is referred to in many times including in the book ‘In famed Breadalbane’. The seat (St Fillan’s) An Suidhe. The Dewar of the Bell of St Fillan had his croft at Suie. 

We have seen Suie referenced many times regarding St Fillans bell, in 1978 as being placed in the safekeeping of a Dewar whose land was at Suie in Glendochart.

In 1828 it was acquired by the Earl of Breadalbane and sold to Colin McNab.  The sold again in 1840 and 1856 when the Earl of Breadalbane seems to have bought it back.

More recently it has been used as a hotel since around 1950 with various owners in the local area, Pauline and Robbie McCaig took over in 2017 and started the extensive renovation of the beautiful building.  Initially with 10 rooms, including 3 single rooms, they updated by taking many of the rooms back to their original layout.  Bringing out as many original features as possible they have and continue to restore as much as possible to its former glory giving the building the interior they believed it deserves.